Keep your nose where it belongs

I love my workplace. Despite my occasional rambling, I am a loyalist. However, recently I met an asshole. One of those common species who have no other business but to poke their nose in yours!

I work from home a few times a month. I get my work done, I’m more efficient, and I meet my targets. But when I’m in office, this creep doesn’t spare an opportunity to talk about my “part time status”. He even has the gall to ask how he knows that I really do work at home and don’t spend my time whiling away and watching tv.

My response? None. I don’t respond to assholes. He’s not my boss–an unworthy peer at best. I’ve been given this privilege because I’m trusted and I’m also responsible. So Mr whoever, keep your nose where it belongs. Because if my sharp tongue starts to slip….