Free! free! free!

It’s that time of the year when malls are on sale. Crowds closing in like vultures on a corpse. Is everything free? Or is this just a silly mind game. A ploy to make me buy things I don’t need?
Whatever may be the case, I am falling prey to it and tomorrow I’ll be coming home with bags full of stuff i don’t need!


It’s a secret

I don’t tell anyone because I’m a private person. But this blog is anonymous and I can’t help but share that this year we are planning to start a family!
I have some issues which hopefully I’ll have resolved soon. Wish me luck and pray that I get my own little barbie doll soon! (With golliwog hair just like me!)

Mirror mirror on the wall

Aren’t there days you feel beautiful? Fat? Thin? Ugly? Lovely? Pretty? Petite? Big?

It’s like a roller coaster and mostly how I feel I look decides how my day will be. I feel pretty, I smile a lot. I’m nice to people; ergo, I have a great day!

I feel fat;,I dress down. I don’t smile much. I’m mostly grumpy and people stay away.

The mirror on the wall sure does play a key role in my life and the lives of those with whom I interact!

Do you think so too?


This year, I won’t dread the future or wait for it. I’ll enjoy the present. I won’t worry that the holiday season has come to an end. I’ll enjoy the now and the here.

I spend Saturdays worrying that Sunday is around the corner and my weekend will be gone. I’ll enjoy the weekend instead.

I spend evenings worrying that the next day will be busy. I’ll enjoy the evening sunset instead.

I spend time worrying that my dog will get sick and die. I’ll celebrate his life instead.

I love my now and my here. There’s no where I’d rather be and no one than I’d rather be with. My husband, my munchkin dog, my mad birds, and my silly fish–they’re my here, my now, my forever.

Happy new year!

Thank you 2014

For the memories of the road trip to an abandoned village in the Thar desert

For the memories of a road trip to the Niligiri forests in the South

For the good, the bad

The hugs, the fights

For my dog, my husband, my birds, and fish

As the year ended, I reconnected with old friends

People I loved, yet forgot

2015 brings me the promise of

New memories, love, and laughter

a baby perhaps

someone like a doll whom I can cuddle and who I hope is my Mumma returning to me in her new avatar

I miss you Mumma–the pain won’t ever go away. I learn to deal with it better each passing year. But you will always be the most important person in my life

May you have a happy new year! I can actually picture you–just you and Papa sipping your peg of whiskey as you look down and bless me this new year. 🙂

Two buckets full

You ask me what’s on my anti-bucket list–the list of things I never want to do? I never want to regret. I have a long bucket list of things I want to do, places I want to go, and things I want to learn.

Every day of every minute I devise ways to check off items of this list. I plan quarterly vacations, read, try new things…after my mum died in a car accident, I realized that life is just too short. So I am living my life with two bucket lists of things I want to do! My mum’s and mine:)

I never want to regret not trying, not doing, exploring, or learning new things. For my mum’s sake and mine I’m going to live my life to the fullest.

So all the best dreamer. Go live your dream and be happy for yourself and for others!

I wish your wish comes true!

many hugs!

Doughnut oozing with gooey custard

This year I made two big trips–one to Japan and the other to Turkey. While the sights, the culture, the people were amazing, what swept me away was the yummy chocolate eclair I had with a lovely gooey custard filling!
Back home, I ordered many eclair and doughnuts with the promise of the same gooey custard oozing out.
I was disappointed each time. Until today. A small random doughnut store. Without any great expectations I ordered the chocolate doughnut.
As I took the first bite, my mouth was filled with the most yummy custard, my mind was confused, and my heart was happy!
Happiness really does come in unexpected places and when you’re least expecting it! Just wait to be surprised!