Free! free! free!

It’s that time of the year when malls are on sale. Crowds closing in like vultures on a corpse. Is everything free? Or is this just a silly mind game. A ploy to make me buy things I don’t need?
Whatever may be the case, I am falling prey to it and tomorrow I’ll be coming home with bags full of stuff i don’t need!


It’s a secret

I don’t tell anyone because I’m a private person. But this blog is anonymous and I can’t help but share that this year we are planning to start a family!
I have some issues which hopefully I’ll have resolved soon. Wish me luck and pray that I get my own little barbie doll soon! (With golliwog hair just like me!)

Mirror mirror on the wall

Aren’t there days you feel beautiful? Fat? Thin? Ugly? Lovely? Pretty? Petite? Big?

It’s like a roller coaster and mostly how I feel I look decides how my day will be. I feel pretty, I smile a lot. I’m nice to people; ergo, I have a great day!

I feel fat;,I dress down. I don’t smile much. I’m mostly grumpy and people stay away.

The mirror on the wall sure does play a key role in my life and the lives of those with whom I interact!

Do you think so too?

Keep your nose where it belongs

I love my workplace. Despite my occasional rambling, I am a loyalist. However, recently I met an asshole. One of those common species who have no other business but to poke their nose in yours!

I work from home a few times a month. I get my work done, I’m more efficient, and I meet my targets. But when I’m in office, this creep doesn’t spare an opportunity to talk about my “part time status”. He even has the gall to ask how he knows that I really do work at home and don’t spend my time whiling away and watching tv.

My response? None. I don’t respond to assholes. He’s not my boss–an unworthy peer at best. I’ve been given this privilege because I’m trusted and I’m also responsible. So Mr whoever, keep your nose where it belongs. Because if my sharp tongue starts to slip….

Guilt trip

How often do you go on guilt trips? I’m not talking about the guilt trip you may go on after having that big choco chip cupcake. I am talking about a guilt trip in the literal sense.

These days, with work taking over my life, every trip makes me ridden with guilt. I asked for leave today (after 6 months of working at breakneck speed). My otherwise cool boss said “again?”

That sure is enough to ruin what would have been the perfect vacation to a beach. A yes is not a yes unless it’s said with a smile 😦


This year, I won’t dread the future or wait for it. I’ll enjoy the present. I won’t worry that the holiday season has come to an end. I’ll enjoy the now and the here.

I spend Saturdays worrying that Sunday is around the corner and my weekend will be gone. I’ll enjoy the weekend instead.

I spend evenings worrying that the next day will be busy. I’ll enjoy the evening sunset instead.

I spend time worrying that my dog will get sick and die. I’ll celebrate his life instead.

I love my now and my here. There’s no where I’d rather be and no one than I’d rather be with. My husband, my munchkin dog, my mad birds, and my silly fish–they’re my here, my now, my forever.