Sleep–the chilly monster in the room

This post is not about spine-chilling horror, monsters, ghosts, and dark spirits. It’s about cold winter mornings, a missed yoga regime, and the indiscipline that a warm blanket, a husband’s snore, and my dog’s warm body can bring into my life.

For a while now, I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga and shouting about its benefits to anyone willing to hear. I’ve been talking about how it isn’t just a form of exercise, but really a way of life.

Little was I to know that once winter crept in, what was a way of life has now become a thing of the past. I miss class every morning. Why? Because I set the alarm, and I try hard to wake up immediately. My husband, disturbed by the sound of the alarm, turns around and puts his arms around me. My dog jumps up on the bed and settles his warm self against my back, and slowly, I tell myself “Tomorrow. I promise I’ll go .” Then, I pull the blanket up to my face, smile, and thank god that I can sleep for an hour more.

Tomorrow, I promise to go.

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