Birdie birdie

I confess. I am human; therefore I have the failings that come with the human package.
I love birds, so I adopted them. Do I have to own everything I love? No, but I do it anyway.
When I selected them, my husband and I were together and we picked a handsome pair! Another human failing. We’re always judging and forming impressions which may be wrong!
Then, I went out and got them a rope ladder and a swing in their cage so that they can flex their wings and play. Am I being kind? No. I took away their freedom. So, if I give some back, I’m no God.
Despite all this, I am attached to them. They are my family. They seem to love me so I definitely can’t give them up. Does this make me human? Or am I just an an insensitive inhuman person?
Do share your thoughts!

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