Friday goosebumps

I have goosebumps–not because I’m afraid or cold. I have goosebumps because I’m waiting in anticipation for the weekend.

It’s strange. I’m not really a party-goer. More of a home bird,  I like to spend my weekends lazing about at home, trying out new restaurants, watching back-to-back episodes of House M.D., and catching up with friends ( but only sometimes).

What’s strange is that people assume that to enjoy a weekend, one needs to be a party hopper. Responses “What are you doing tonight?” are looked at with condescension when I say “Nothing much. Just plan to sleep in early.”

“Loser!” is what I know they’re thinking but don’t have the gall to say it aloud. But, I think they’re losers, for not believing that life is about enjoying your own company, about being content where you are and with what you’re doing.

I don’t go look for happiness like you do. Happiness comes to me, because I wait for it with an open heart and mind.

Have a good weekend guys–especially those who plan to do nothing but laze and be by yourself!

Much love

2 thoughts on “Friday goosebumps

    • Yes, that’s true! And what irony that last night a quiet dinner with friends turned into a noisy karaoke party! As i sat there drowning in the noise and trying to bring order in the madness, i thought of this post. The acceptance that everyone is different was calming. This made me happy and i enjoyed the evening and joined in the fun!

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