Sleep–the chilly monster in the room

This post is not about spine-chilling horror, monsters, ghosts, and dark spirits. It’s about cold winter mornings, a missed yoga regime, and the indiscipline that a warm blanket, a husband’s snore, and my dog’s warm body can bring into my life.

For a while now, I’ve been practicing Ashtanga yoga and shouting about its benefits to anyone willing to hear. I’ve been talking about how it isn’t just a form of exercise, but really a way of life.

Little was I to know that once winter crept in, what was a way of life has now become a thing of the past. I miss class every morning. Why? Because I set the alarm, and I try hard to wake up immediately. My husband, disturbed by the sound of the alarm, turns around and puts his arms around me. My dog jumps up on the bed and settles his warm self against my back, and slowly, I tell myself “Tomorrow. I promise I’ll go .” Then, I pull the blanket up to my face, smile, and thank god that I can sleep for an hour more.

Tomorrow, I promise to go.


I wish I had a meeting genie

I won’t call myself anti-social. I like people. I enjoy company, but in a limited capacity. At work, this trait works against me sometimes. Like today, for example. I had a 2 hour long meeting with one person and two half an hour meetings with others. It’s 3 hours of precious time gone to waste.

Yes, the meetings were effective. Yes, we had an agenda, stuck to it, and came away with definite next steps. But this also meant that it was 3 hours of time away from my desk. I now have to try and catch up on those 3 hours and try to accomplish that within the limited time I have at hand.

I wish I had a genie who would attend my meetings for me. Or do my work? or do both… while I bask in the sun and go for a swim!

Birdie birdie

I confess. I am human; therefore I have the failings that come with the human package.
I love birds, so I adopted them. Do I have to own everything I love? No, but I do it anyway.
When I selected them, my husband and I were together and we picked a handsome pair! Another human failing. We’re always judging and forming impressions which may be wrong!
Then, I went out and got them a rope ladder and a swing in their cage so that they can flex their wings and play. Am I being kind? No. I took away their freedom. So, if I give some back, I’m no God.
Despite all this, I am attached to them. They are my family. They seem to love me so I definitely can’t give them up. Does this make me human? Or am I just an an insensitive inhuman person?
Do share your thoughts!

Two buckets full

You ask me what’s on my anti-bucket list–the list of things I never want to do? I never want to regret. I have a long bucket list of things I want to do, places I want to go, and things I want to learn.

Every day of every minute I devise ways to check off items of this list. I plan quarterly vacations, read, try new things…after my mum died in a car accident, I realized that life is just too short. So I am living my life with two bucket lists of things I want to do! My mum’s and mine:)

I never want to regret not trying, not doing, exploring, or learning new things. For my mum’s sake and mine I’m going to live my life to the fullest.

So all the best dreamer. Go live your dream and be happy for yourself and for others!

I wish your wish comes true!

many hugs!

Doughnut oozing with gooey custard

This year I made two big trips–one to Japan and the other to Turkey. While the sights, the culture, the people were amazing, what swept me away was the yummy chocolate eclair I had with a lovely gooey custard filling!
Back home, I ordered many eclair and doughnuts with the promise of the same gooey custard oozing out.
I was disappointed each time. Until today. A small random doughnut store. Without any great expectations I ordered the chocolate doughnut.
As I took the first bite, my mouth was filled with the most yummy custard, my mind was confused, and my heart was happy!
Happiness really does come in unexpected places and when you’re least expecting it! Just wait to be surprised!

Friday goosebumps

I have goosebumps–not because I’m afraid or cold. I have goosebumps because I’m waiting in anticipation for the weekend.

It’s strange. I’m not really a party-goer. More of a home bird,  I like to spend my weekends lazing about at home, trying out new restaurants, watching back-to-back episodes of House M.D., and catching up with friends ( but only sometimes).

What’s strange is that people assume that to enjoy a weekend, one needs to be a party hopper. Responses “What are you doing tonight?” are looked at with condescension when I say “Nothing much. Just plan to sleep in early.”

“Loser!” is what I know they’re thinking but don’t have the gall to say it aloud. But, I think they’re losers, for not believing that life is about enjoying your own company, about being content where you are and with what you’re doing.

I don’t go look for happiness like you do. Happiness comes to me, because I wait for it with an open heart and mind.

Have a good weekend guys–especially those who plan to do nothing but laze and be by yourself!

Much love